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What Schema Do You Think It Is?


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I have a key child who is following a schema but am struggling to put it into a category and also how to include this in his next steps and planning.

He will for example roll his trousers up and roll them down again (at home) take his shoes off put them back on. Put things in things and take them out again but the focus is the fitting the lid back on or closing the bag! I watched him spend ages just putting a toy chair on its side and pciking it up again also the brio bridge was oepn and closed continually Is this an open close schema but does that cover all his other repetative behaviour too? Please can you help? after meeting with his parents I would love to do a learnign story on this very thing can you point me in the right direction to do some readng up on it

many thanks in advance

Andrea :o

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Have to agree. the book 'again again' is a great buy. it has lots of ideas how to develop their schema further. it sounds like it could be the enveloping schemai got mine on amazon.co.uk, it was only 14.00 i think. well worth the buy.

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