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Planning For Animal/jungle Topic


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Can anyone help me, my topic next half term is animals i'm thinking of going for a jungle theme. I have no planning and just wondered if anyone out there has done this topic before and would be willing to share their planning? :o


If you do have any planning my e mail address is




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We have an explorers camp as part of our minibeast topic we have a camoflage net for the jungle canopy and we hang ivy, monkies, bats and snakes from this, we also put up a small tent - free standing from Ikea with small camp chairs, we provide Explorers jackets, backpacks, maps, hats, magnifying glass, bionoculars,sleeping bags etc...........

We cover the wall with paper leaves and flowers and I hide insects in the display for the children to find.

When I find my planning - on another computer I will share.

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I'm doing jungle animals at the moment. The text Walking through the Jungle is good. Made my own writing frame where the children write in their animal i.e. monkey and draw a picture while looking at jungle information books. Will try to attach!


Also found a good habitat interactive web game on the Teacher Resource Exchange http://tre.gov.uk. type in 'habitats' in the search box.


If you want to make animal masks there are templates on Enchanted Learning website htt://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts


Use different printing techniques and overlapping in art to make a jungle animal display.


Also Kew Gardens have a fantastic exhibition for Early Years entitled Creepers and Climbers. They have carniverous interactive plants that the children can climb all over (not real!) But you must book well in advance.


Good Luck, Fountain


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When the children made jungle animal masks I made a 'Guess Who' display. I took head and shoulder photos of the children, and then again hiding behind their masks.


I stuck the head and shoulder shots on the board, with the photos of them wearing their masks via a flap over the top. The children had no end of fun guessing who was behind each mask, and then lifting the flap to see if they were right.


The display was up for ages - even when all the children knew who was where, they really enjoyed testing the adult to see if they could catch them out. Whenever visitors came into the group, they would have to be taken to see the display to see if they could find where each child was.


Photos need to be covered in sticky backed plastic to protect them from painty/sticky fingers, and stuck on the board securely. It turned out to be very robust display.



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