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Looking to buy some new (mealtime) chairs for 0-2 age group


would lurrrve the 'mealtime' (or any) community playthings chairs but they're a little out of my price range


need good quality wooden ones that clean up easy (no fiddly bits that collect food lol), stack well (not much space) and can go the distance (a few years). Sides on preferable for the 'just out of highchair' stage but a little older than that are ok with just a back on...would be sat at a low table


What do you use - are you happy with them?



Thanks in advance :o hope you fab guys can guide the way!

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It's a shame you can't stretch the budget to Community Playthings - we have had ours 6 years now - have bought one set of replacement straps a year ago (they are in and out of the washing machine regularly) and all of the 'fiddly bits, the seat inserts and trays go into the dishwasher . They are robust and have many more years wear in them yet as you can get replacement parts like inserts etc if they do happen to break. :o

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