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hi everyone,

Can't seem to get my head round this question I was hoping someone maybe able to help.


State how expectations of socially acceptable/desirable behaviour may vary across settings and cultures.


I think i must have brain freeze or something!!!


Thanks in advance.Sam :o

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Hi Sam,

We have recently had some children who attend our nursery for a couple of mornings a week, and then go onto another nursery for every afternoon. For a couple of these children, it has had an unwelcome effect on their behaviour. I think it's a combination of different expectations between the settings, a huge difference in staff:child ratios, and the children just finding it all a bit too tiring.

As for the cultures bit, think about how different cultures might view certain activities/behaviour, eg playing with dolls and dressing up, gun play, singing and dancing, helping to prepare food, cleaning up, etc. :)

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