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Hello Everyone


Having a really blank mind day or more like week! Any ideas appreciated.


Evaluate the role of food in social and cultural life and how this shapes attitudes and behaviour. :o


I have to say I haven't a clue what to write.




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Hi Joanne,

You could refer to snacktimes and mealtimes in early years settings being used as a resource for learning about social behaviour; preparing and sharing food and drink, chatting with each other, etc. There is much discussion in the press (and on here!) about how children sometimes have little opportunity to have a family mealtime with friendly banter, and how some children are put in front of the TV with a dinner on their laps, due to busy family life, family members eating at different times, and emphasis not placed on developing conversation within the family at mealtimes.

Maybe this is a start? :)

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I don't really know anything about NVQ but I wonder if this is what you mean.

In Zambian and some other Afrikan cultures, it is customary for children and adults to eat separately. The staple food , nshima ( a maize meal sort of porridge) is eaten with the fingers.

On the other hand, girls (not boys) will be handling sharp knives and preparing food at a very young age, that might make people in the Uk cringe..

is that the sort of thing you mean?

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