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Outstanding Lesson Needed In Literacy


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Hi ya ladies- i have not been on here for a while as i have had a baby. but i am now back to school ad needing to prove i havent lost it lol! my last observations before having my baby were outstanding and so i need an outstanding again. just ondered if you lot could help as you ahve in the past!

im being observed next week the topic is christmas and i need literacy ideas.

i am thinking of having a sack with mince pie/ santa hat, snow, present etc in- i am gonna ask the children whos sack they think it is and why and then each time i pull out an object they have to describe it with high ability children writing it on their whoteboard. then i was gonna show a video if santa saying he cat find his sack anywhere since the school christmas fete and he needs it back in time for christmas.

however , then im stuck- i doont know whether to get the children to write a letter to santa saying we have found his sack or what really. i also have a deaf child in the class so i would need an activity for her also! she has a 1:1 support with her!


the other idea is to say santa has lost ruldolph and make missing posters- and children to make a trap to catch ruldolph in??? howvere i have done a lesson similar to this before using the cops and robbers book. i like the idea of having the sack of things but dont know how i could link this to the second option. what do you guys think.

any help would be fab as i think i still ahve baby brain lol x x x

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