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The Use Of 'big Books' In In Cll?


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Don't have a lesson plan to hand , but we have a Big Book of the Month - the story is read using props, we have small books for same story in different formats i.e pop up, board books, that are available in the literacy area - also a basket with props and puppets etc for the children to re-tell story, we also do a wall display with childrens work/own stories /links to the book . The parents get involved as well bringing in props and often they borrow the same book from the Library. We also have games ( bought and made up) for each book and either a Cd Rom for the PC or a disc/tape for the children to listen independently. We tend to find that the story becomes embedded so well that the children can be seen setting up thier own 'story time ' with thier peers and recalling and retelling the story like we do as adults with the book held alongside themselves pictures facing out , and often better than we do ! :o

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