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Just wondering if anyone thought about what they may be doing for children in need. Ive invited parents to stay and play and have some of the following ideas, but if anyone has anything else they'd like to share, reallly love to here!!


- making bear biscuits and decorating with yellow icing and smarties

- bring your fave bear to school ' teddy bears picnic!

- make a moving bear with split pins



any other ideas??????????????

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I love children in need week, we have a tombola, lucky dip, face painting for 50p, each room takes a turn in baking and we sell the end products to parents (buy pudsey bear cake cases and bags from Lakeland), we do messy play, painting, junk modelling etc


We always make it last all week and have a fab time; we do pretty much the same when its Red Nose Day, then on Friday we have non-uniform day and staff pay £1 to wear whatever they want (obviosuly within reason!!)


Have fun!!

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We have been doing lots of shop play over the last few weeks so on Friday we are having a Charity shop. More of a Bring and Buy - the children have been looking out toys or books that they don't want anymore and bringing them in. They are pricing them and then opening the shop at the end of the session to try and sell as much as they can. Really looking forward to it and had such a positive response.


Also the usual - spotty biscuit making, yellow playdough with tubs of counters and bear cutters, coming dressed in spotty things, making spotty bandanas, face paints.


It's going to be fun!

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