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We are coming to the end of Phase 2 letters and Sounds and just wondered how you assess each child. Do you do it on a 1:1 basis or in small groups and do you use a formal assessment sheet as a record.


I am just concerned that with 30 children it could take more than a week to complete all the assessment tasks if done on a 1:1 and am worried about making it 'fun' and not like a formal test.


Just wondered what format your assessments take





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There is an assessment format within the "letters and sounds" document but you may decide that you do not need to do this formally. You should be able from your teaching to work out which aspects of this are important enough to need individual assessment and with which children--maybe you need to focus on games for a week that will enable you to assess these skills?

Dont be pressurised to move on too quickly, there is time to assess and continue to enhance your children's progress.

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