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I know i am going on about pirates again, but does anyone have any good literacy activities i could do for my pirate topic?

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do you have anybooks on pirate theme?

Get children to make their own book or silly song

I do not have many ideas today and didn't do this topic, sorry :)

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We made maps -scrolls -and decorated them with writing patterns and pictures of where treasure was. made them 'old' by ironing (don't try this at home children)

Older children (I'm nursery) wrote messages and directions to treasure.

made large group map for outside area /role play and provided paper etc at sand/small world etc for children to make own.

messages in botles, (got other classes/admin to answer them)

Rogues gallery of pirates and character, adult scrbe or children's own emerging wriing skills to introduce own character-could be class book.

buried treasure with rhyming or phonic clues-

have more at school but i'm not back yet


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Hi Rocket,

When we did our topic about Pirates we found a great book called 'Pirate Pete' by Nick Sharatt (i love ALL his books !) Each page has a simple sentence and then a choice of lovely little pictures you can slot into the main picture. (e.g. Pirate Pete looked down and saw a ...)

We made a class version that the children love. We did laminate the little pictures in the original and they have lasted well !


Do you know the song :

When I was 1 I was just begun the day I went to sea. I climbed aboard the Pirate ship and the captain said to me 'We're going this way, that way, forwards backwards over the Irish sea. A bottle of rum to warm my tum and that's the life for me HEY !'

( and it carries on !)

We made up our own verses for this too.



I love doing a Pirates topic... it seems to really capture the childrens' imagination



Best wishes


Galleon :o

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