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Hickory Dickory Dock


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Hello everyone...........


I am trying to do my planning for next week and I'm struggling......the plan is Nursery Rhymes with a focus on 'Hickory Dickory Dock'.....the problem im finding is that i have to plan for Nursery and Reception.....can anyone help me....has anyone got any planning......any ideas will be great......particularly CLL


Thank you


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Not entirely sure what you're after but could make clocks with - not sure how to describe this - a working pulley type thing to make the mouse run up the clock... Card clock shape, paper fasteners to attach hands to make them go round. Numbers put on in right order for those able to... Hole punch at top and bottom of clock and push wool/string through both and tie at back. Attach a mouse to the front and you can move the wool through the holes to move mouse...

Does that make ANY sense???


CLL - other rhymes? We sang Hickory Dickory Deep, the shepherds looked after their sheep at Christmas last year!

Or add to the numbers - we already do the clock struck 2 the mouse said boo, ...3 - mouse went wheeeeeeeeeee, ...4 the mouse said no more. But you could get children to come up with more.


Look up on PC/in books about mice - why might it have been in a clock?


Not sure if that's the sort of thing you want...

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