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Hi Folks

we have a small area in our nursery that we want to turn into a music area. We are going to put a few instruments in at a time (otherwise) there will be a great deal of clanging and banging at the same time. We also want to introduce the instruments so that children begin to learn how to play and use them appropriately. We will put in a cd player and microphones but have you any other ideas of making this area work and the type of resources that you use.

Hoping for inspiration



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Guest jane707

I am a childminder. I have a box of instruments which the children can use at any time and a second box along with prompts for songs which they use with supervision.


The instruments in the second box are 'special' in that they are more expensive or less strong than the others.


I have a CD player and teach the children how to load CDs and use the headphones.


Everything is placed in a cosy corner of the house, where I have provided cushions so that the children can relax with the music.


However more often than not they take everything outside or choose to move the instruments to another part of the house LOL!



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