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I'm being observed for my 5th NQT observation next wednesday and am a bit lost with the planning for it. I have to use the same proforma that I use for al my other lessons.


My learning objective is To experiment with different ways of moving over the equpment


They will be moving round vaious equipment that is set up but i'm a bit confused as it what to actually write on my plan. I also need a good warm up and cool down!!


The sections I have to have on my plan are:

Warm up

Main Teaching activity

Group activities



Please help as I really want to impress my tutor!

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The "Beans" game is always good for a warm-up, alongside 'stretches'. I generally ask the children to show me how they can warm up their feet, hips, shoulders... and then say things like "X is shrugging her shoulders, Y has thought of a good way to warm up his feet...ensuring that I mention any safety issues (such as not shaking head and neck violently).


My children enjoy doing the "Balloons" cool down/relax at the end of the session - basically they lie on the floor, then take deep breaths to blow up their balloon as they 'grow' into a large balloon shape. Hold this shape and then let the air out with a great 'raspberry' noise and running around quickly until all the air has gone out of the balloon, when they lie flat and still again.


As for the main activity, ensure that you encourage the children not to just 'line up' to get on the equipment but keep moving and invent other 'entry points' if there is someone in front of them (discuss being aware of space and not 'bumping' into others!)How could they move across, along, under, over...the bench? Show good examples and encourage the children to practise any interesting moves.

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We use the beans game too, maybe your jumping beans could jump over and imaginary something in prep for your main activity? We make sure that children are made aware of changes to their body as they exercise as part of the warm-up and cool down.

Good luck!

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