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Hi, I am plodding through this unit (very slowly as it isn't in the NVQ3 book) and am lost to what this question is actually asking for!


KU14 "The importance of spelling and the aspects which are essential for English Key Stage 1, including the formation of the letters of the alphabet, use of sound-symbol relationships and phonological patterns, simple spelling patterns, common prefixes and suffixes".


They make the questions so long winded that by the time I have finished reading it I have forgotten what it is all about!!!!


Any help greatly appreciated.





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Hi Julie,


The important thing to remember is these are not questions, but statements for you to demonstrate that you understand along with their importance in the area specified by the unit within which they are placed.


Thus, all this is asking is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the statement, and the referred to importance of the stated aspects. A few well chosen examples, and you should be away.


Any clearer?


Sue :D

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The Primary National Strategy document

"Playing with Sounds: a supplement to progression in phonics"

would be a good thing for you to get hold of.

It's free, and available from DfES publications on 0845 60 222 60

and its ref is:

DfES 0280-2004


It explains well the phonic approach, and gives ideas for activities to help develop children's phonological awareness.

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Thanks to both of you, it is a bit clearer now. I will sit down tomorrow and try to answer this one, once and for all!


I will send off for the booklet too.





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