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Space Topic In The Nursery Class


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Hi I am a teacher trainee. I am trying to write lesson plans for the next 3 weeks . The topic is space, I am planning to use several books such as :"Aliens Love Underpants!","Aliens in Underpants Save the World","Beegu",We're Off to Look for Aliens","Stanley's Space Adventure".


Are there any websites that will help me with this topic to use on IWB, resources?


Any other ideas? Thank you in advance.

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We made a paper machie planet, the children enjoyed the making and painitng of it and of course then playing with it!!


We also made a huge rocket to enable the children to get inside.

We spray painted builders type hats and wellies, silver to look like bits of an astronauts outfit!

This also helped the children remember it was only two at a time in the rocket..... because you had to wear the space gear (and at the start we only had 2 sets!!)


The children really did enjoy their rocket play!

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