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need a little help with the following two statements;

The needs and requirements of children with respect to sensory and intellectual development how children's special needs might affect their sensory development and how these might be met.


The usual sequence and processes of intellectual and sensory development


Would much apprecite pointing in the right direction



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Sorry about not getting back sooner. Are you still stuck on these? There was a topic asking for help on the second of these statements and can be found here.


As to the other statement I did a chart of activities to promote the development of the different senses across the age range, both indoors and outdoors. (There were three columns - age, indoors and outdoors. Then five sections down for each of the senses and each section had a row for three age groups - 1-2, 3-5, 5-7.) For the second part I wrote about some of the sensory activities I had carried out at playgroup and then wrote a few lines about how I could've adapted these for children with special needs (visual impairment, hearing difficulties etc.) :)

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