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Am starting a new job in January (after break from having children) and trying to get my head round everything!


Was thinking about rhymes/songs used in routines in the day and wondered if there are any good websites/books or any good ones that anyone uses?


Trying to think back to one's I used but brain not quite back in working mode yet!!

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I use songs for everything! Here are some that work well:


Lining up, lining up,

Very well, very well,

Lining up so nicely, lining up so nicely,

Well done, well done.

(Sung to tune Frere Jacques)


Are you hungry, are you hungry,

Time for lunch, time for lunch,

Is your tummy rumbling, is your tummy rumbling,

Munch and crunch, munch and crunch

(Sung to tune Frere Jacques)


Soap and bubble wash the germs away,

Soap and bubbles wash the germs away,

In the bathroom that is what we say,

Soap and bubble wash the germs away,


I also use lots of Singup songs, including their 'Hello' song which is lovely. Good luck with your new job. I recently went back to work after being at home with my children and although its hard work I am really enjoying it.

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Our nursery teacher uses a nice song to get the children ready for circle time (sung to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Join our circle x2

Hold my hand x2

Sit down on your bottom x2

Cross your legs x2


Works a treat :o


We also have a nice welcome song we use at register time


Good morning, good morning , good morning to you

Good morning, good morning

And a happy day to you.

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