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This is my second year as the chair of our charity preschool. Our constitution is basically the PLA one, so our aims include "encouraging parents to understand and provide for the needs of their children".


Last year I was focused on keeping the preschool operational (we were a completely new committee). This year, I would like to try to increase parental involvement and tackle the "encouraging parents to understand and provide for the needs of their children" part.


I am initially looking at running a few of the PLA's Family Learning workshops. I am also looking into some of the various parenting courses.


I would love to hear if any of you have tried them, or can suggest other resources and ideas? Do you think this is something the local EY team or social services could help with?





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Hi George


A very warm welcome to the forum, there are quite a few of us committee members on here, it is a great resource.


I'm in my 2nd year too but I'm afraid I am still fighting through the haze of updating stuff, getting systems in place, things running smoothly, etc. etc.


We haven't done any parent workshops but we have sent some great leaflets home, sorry can't remember where we got them but they were really good, I will try and remember to ask at preschool and let you know.


We've also had parents involved in things like building a garden, etc.


Your EY team should certainly be able to help you with setting up some workshops.


I've got a good parent helper letter we send home, it is cobbled together from stuff I found on here. I'll upload a copy in case that is useful. I'll also attach a letter we give out to helpers when they come in, which includes a copy of our timetable.




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Could a moderator please link this thread to any other areas of the forum that are appropriate?


It isn't really about committees after all.



Observation, Assessment and Planning for Pre-school Aged Children

Nursery Management Issues

Nursery Policies and Procedures


Still finding my way around the forum areas. :o



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