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Hey guys im on my last year of my degree and have to do a dessertaion.

The topic to which i would like to research is based around the outdoor environment.

I have to come up with a few research questions which are based around my titile.


The three questions which i have come up with are


1. The selection of outdoor resources the setting has and which are mostly used.

2. what stratergies practitioners use to promote childrens use of the outdoor resources.

3. Do practitoners provide easy access to outdoor environment at all times.


now i have to come up with the title but am a little confused....

suggestions on my questions and help with a title which links to my research questions or any other feedback will be appreciated ....

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When I did my research project for my foundation degree I was told not to worry about the title at the outset because it changes as time goes on and as sometimes a new and different theme/ idea comes up.


I am not sure how to help here, and am not sure if you are going to be researching all three of the areas in the questions/ statments.


Maybe you need to look at numbers 1 -3 individucally and see which iidea you can find alot of writing/ documentation about and then base your question/ title on the angle you wish to take?


Will you also have to make it context specific?


I know the FD project is much smaller but the title was very specific about what the reader was reading and what the reader might expect. As a small scale project it was also very context specific to my setting.


Sorry don't think I have helped at all here!!! :o


Good luck!


Am sure a knowledgeable person will be along shortly!!

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Guest cathy m

You could google some literature reviews about the outdoor environment for children, they are some reaaly good ones including risky play.

I remember changing my title several times as I accessed more information relating to my research question


good luck

Cathy :o

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