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I have 2 staff members who have done advanced apprenticeships in childcare, learning and develop. through different places. One certificate actually has the cwdc logo on it and skills for business. Both were done whilst staff were working at other nurseies. When you go to the cwdc website bto check qualifications I cant find them. I know they are a level 3 qualification.

Any ideas?

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Will have to check their certificates again. I was specifically looking for something like CACHE and when I saw the cwdc logo thought that was it! But no.


Thanks for the link will check it out.


Hi well just put those qualifications in the cwdc finder and they all come us as needing further acredited training. ie it says

A full Level 3 NVQ or vocational qualification based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) is needed.


So are theyu saying that now my deputy and playworker are no longer suitable and have to do a NVQ3 again?

Thing is one girl completed this in march this year?

They neither want to do another lev 3. Ridiculous!


Furthyer to this just found the link of the course that our deputy did


Its so confusing as says NVQ3 and then parts of the techinical certificate....Im confused ! Going to presume its City and Guilds NVQ3 CCLD which is valid. Will have to go back and check certificates.

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Sounds the same as some of my staff have done - basically it's an enhanced NVQ 3 with the technical certificates being BTec units, and it is a valid and in depth level 3 qualification, one of my staff has literally only just finished hers, so no way is it out of date or invalid! :o

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