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Hi everyone


I have recently invested in some quality science investigation products, one of which is magnets. I recently set the magnets out with various balls, iron filings etc. and wrote the learning potential up as "The children will investigate the properties of magnets, and will explore what kind of materials 'stick' to the magnets around the room". This has been very sucessful and the children are very interested. However, I am now unsure of how to extend this (i.e. the learning) - I have had a look at other links, but most that I can see seem to focus on activities to do with science, rather than the learning, but I may have overlooked something.


My other problem is with the questions the children are asking. I was never very good at understanding the technical descriptions of gravity (if this is even what it is) etc and school :o , and now that my children are asking me why the magnets stick together at one end, but push each other away at the other end, I am finding it difficult to explain it in 4 year old terms!!


Any ideas??





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