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Psrn Lesson Obs - Planning A Picnic!


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Hello! I'm new to FSF, so am hoping I do this right! :o

I have a lesson obs coming up after half term for PSRN and am going to be focusing on calculation as this was an area for concern last year with the previous teacher (so no pressure there then!)


I would like the lesson to be linked to our topic and that week we will be going to the moon (the story will be 'Whatever Next'). I was going to use the story as an intro and explain that we have been invited by the characters to go and have a picnic on the moon and it was our job to organise it.


I want to incorporate lots of counting and practical activities (how many sandwiches will we need to take etc) and for my higher ability, get them to work out some problems for adding and taking away. I am at the early stages of planning but would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas of activities that you think might work well. As this is my first year in Reception I want to show that I have high expectations, lots of creativity etc but also make sure that all the children are being stretched and are on task.


If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be most gratefully received! Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum.


Wow your higher ability children at that adding and take away stage - I wish mine were!


Five little me in their flying saucer would be a great idea as well and you could do all sorts of calculating with five I have a great glove puppet for this and my class love it.


Perhaps also concentrate on the mathematical vocabulary which may be new to the children.


Sorry I have no further ideas I would just suggestions - good luck with the observation.



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We have just finished a couple of weeks on a space theme as many children in my class fascinated with space. I love the idea of a picnic and problem solving. If I were you I would have a range of activities in the different areas of the classroom, with some covering PSRN but also opportunities for developing other areas of learning. Some of the things we had which worked well: the role play area was turned into space with a rocket (the numbers 10-0 were stuck to the side of the rocket so the children could practise counting down); large materials outside (crates, boxes, tubes, blankets) so the children could build their own rockets and stickers for adding buttons to rockets; props for acting out 'Whatever next' (cardboard box, teddy, toy owl, colander, wellies); alien slime on malleable materials table (gloop); range of 2D and 3D boxes and shapes in Creative area for making rocket models and shapes; rocket pictures with numbers on to put in order; a space scape in the tuff spot with construction kits to build moon buggies... Website www.twinkl.co.uk has some nice numeracy related space resources.

Good luck

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Thanks so much, these ideas are great and have given me a good starting point. I like the idea of having lots of activities out for the children to choose from as we are trying to have more scope for child initiated learning after they have completed their activities. Honeybee - fantastic website!

Thanks again, any other thoughts please add them on!

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