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After the holidays we want to start a Kids and Dads project. The aim of the project will be to get more dads involved in their children's education by coming to various hands on activities during the school day. The main focus will be to develop the children's reading, writing and numeracy skills by using their dads, grandads, uncles or other males as role models.


We want to enthuse the dads as well by offering activities that will inspire them to get involved! For example in the past we have run Superhero days where the dads and children come dressed as their favourite character. Whilst at school, the dads and children took part in den making, messy play, construction and sports actvities. These events were hugely successful with over 60% of dads/grandads etc getting involved.


We now want to roll out an ongoing programme that will promote mark making, reading and numeracy based activity in a fun way. Some ideas we already have are...


  • to create story dens in whuch the children go to their dads for a special storytime

woodwork activities involving reading instructions together and measuring the wood etc


reading treasure hunts in the park


sporting actvities such as penalty shoot outs (keeping the score)


taking apart old machines such as a washing machine and labelling the various parts together


looking inside car engines and doing the same as above


using computers as a tool to get boys mark making!


These are just a few ideas. We would hold special 'dad days' say once a month abd encourage as many along as possible. We also thought about getting some of the reluctant Y6 boys involved so that they could be a positive role model for the children who haven't got dads readily available to help!


If you have any inspiring ideas fo our project we would love to hear them!




Vicki :o

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