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Mongolian Blue Spot - Thoughts Please


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we have a child in our setting who has a mongolian blue spot at the bottom of her spine. today though we noticed more spots (at least we think they are) one near her hip on the left side and two either side of her ribs (if we didn't know better it could be seen as a bruise from where the child may have been held too firmly). Now as i say we have noticed the one at the bottom of her spine through routine nappy changing, but we have never noticed the others (this may be because we have never had need to change this child's top before (as we did today) and therefore they may have always been there but we may not have noticed them.


is it usual for them to just appear?


when a member of staff fedback to mum the staff member said mum seemed shocked. Mum offered no explanation, but she did say the child had a birth mark (the spot at bottom of her spine) Mum signed our incident form but did not confirm if it was mongolian blue spot or something else.


The child is Chinesse if this helps????


what would you do now, would you file the form under the assumption that it is mongolian blue spot that we have just never noticed, or since mum offered no explanation (mum is quite shy, she has relatively good english but is still shy) would you probe this further. I don't feel this is a child protection concern, but then again i would hate to be wrong.


your thoughts would be gtreatly appreciated



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I suggest you just monitor the other spots to see if they go away - or if she gets any more then it will give you a clearer picture possibly. Mongolian blue spots can look like bruises and a child can have more than one birthmark, so sit tight and monitor for a while.

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