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Reading Activity For Reception Interview


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I have another interview coming up for a reception teacher. I have been asked to look at the reading aspect of the FSP and plan a lesson for 30mins max for 10 children. I was thinking maybe reading a story and having the end page blank. I could ask the children what part of the story is missing? We will discuss the type off book, title, author etc as I am reading. The children could then work with partners or in groups and come up with an alternative ending (in case they know the story I choose).


If anyone has any better ideas they would be much appreciated!



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I think your best bet would be to find a way to 'bring the story to life', e.g. lots of ideas on this site for doing that with Jack and the Beanstalk. You could then pick out some key words or letters to reinforce with the children.


Start by asking yourself - what do I want them to learn from this activity? And then have a look at the foundation stage goals for reading. How will they learn this particular thing from the activity you've created?

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I would agree with Suzie, to make it as interactive as possible. You could be given children who are only just 4!! Half an hour is quite a long time and I wouldn't have them sat down for that long.

I was part of an interviewing panel (with an Early Years advisor) on Friday and we watched the candidates 'share' a story with a group of Year 1 children. The EY advisor was certainly looking for them to engage the children - she was hoping for them to come with a story sack - they didn't!!

We had 3 candidates who bizarrely all chose Julia Donaldson books! One read the story asking millions of questions after each page - lots of objectives covered, very literacy hour format. One had laminated pictures from the story and got the children to but them in an order they wanted to make up their own story. And the other one had props from the story which she got out first for the children to guess who the story might be about. The children really enjoyed it and were desperate to look in her bag for more props.

I don't know if you have a copy of this


but it might be worth a look

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