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Our approach to timetabling is-

to timetable the set parts of your day, these may be dictated to you by school organisation ie assembly. Hall sessions will be timetabled for PE, music, library ICT and any other areas/ subjects where you move to a dedicated teaching space.


Your school hours will be timetabled and you should indicate registration am & pm. Include lunchtime.

Allow time for routine tasks.


Any other time is "activity time". Will your provision be inside & out or just one. Indicate teacher focus times and you you may want to specify your focus to ensure balance and breadth.


This sounds very rigid but allows alot of flexibility, although you will need to respond to the children, don't be afraid to say this doesn't work, the children need more time, try to allow long stretches for uninterrupted work. Don't timetable lots of static activities together, ie avoid a teacher focus time after an assembly unless you can incorporate lots of movement within it. Could be a good time for PE?


Hope that helps. It works for us!


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Thanks Susan,


I'm also interested in foundation stage timetables as I'm pushing for this to move through into Year 1. Cureently I'm planning to run a kind of integrated day with teacher directed activities in Maths and Literacy with small groups. My CA is timetabled to structured play and role play activities. First day tomorrow so if it all goes to pot I'll be after advice!

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