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Hi Everyone


On to the last couple of KE questions at last, but not sure whats wanted from the question. Can any one help?


KE10 What is meant by - Interactive modes of listening, speaking, reading & writing.


Hate to sound daft but haven't a clue what the answer is?????


KE25 List techniques & practical activities the help children represent their experiences.


Not sure what is meant by techniques. Any ideas?


All help/ideas welcome. Got to hand it in on Friday!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Joanne

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Hi Joanne,


Here is what I wrote for c11.


ke10 - c/ref to P2 ke10 for skills required in communicating with parents


Listening Skills

Use SOLER phrase Egan 1986


Non-verbal skills

List types of e.g eye contact


The following shows the interactive use of language


/ \

reading aloud reading aloud

/ \

speaking --------------listening




arrow from reading to writing double ended

arrow from reading to speaking single

arrow from reading to listening double ended

arrow from speaking to writing double ended

arrow from speaking to listening double ended




I did a chart of types of play/what materials equip used/rationale(adaptSEN coloumns

in each put: eg

dressing up/materials used clothes,hats,scarves,ethnic,accesssories/to encourage exploration of other roles eg.doctor,mum,dad,nurse/how to adapt for special needs


this was ok.

Dressing up

Role Play areas

Junk Modelling

Small World toys



Dance and Drama

Creative Art


I also added the comment "by providing a large range of activities for children in my setting, and materials or eqipt that enables children to explore different roles, expression and ethnic groupings i am able to help extend their experiences and opportunities for imaginative and creative play. Any interaction I do will offer encopuragment to children in non stereotypical ways, and help children to represent different life experiences.


this chart can c/ref to ke 29/30 too


Hope this helps, started mine in sept 2003, finished dec 2004!!!!


kizzy :o

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