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I just wanted to say a really big thank you to everyone who has posted medium term plans on the site! I'm in my first year at a new school and although I've been teaching for a while, its my first time teaching reception.


We didn't really have any workable medium term plans to speak of, and I've been trying different formats and feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall... But thanks to all the good ideas you've shared, I feel like I might have a starting point to put together medium term plans we can use each year. There's just no point in starting from scratch :o when you can draw on others experience....


The Southwark plans (well done to everyone involved in compiling them!) look great, I like the incidental learning column, along with the planned learning opportuntities. We had a meeting with our EY advisor and she pointed out (obvious really!) how important it is to be objective not activity led. I think that these plans should help us to do this, and we can always change the activities to reflect our topic needs.


I wondered what kinds of formats you all use for short term planning, at the moment, I'm producing 3 different kinds a daily plan, a sheet of objectives with activities and a grid to help me work our who's done what... seems maybe a bit too paper -heavy (and time consuming).


Let me know if you have any good short term planning formats, or any other good medium term ones!


Keep up the good work everyone! :)

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