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Interview Help Please! Foundation Stage/reception Teacher


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I am an NQT and have an interview coming up for a Reception teacher post. We have been asked to read a Year 1 class a story for 10 minutes, which is fine, followed by an activity for 10 children which can take place inside or outside "allowing the children to explore, ask questions and develop their ability to work in a sustained way" the task needs to also be an "exciting first hand experience". Any ideas are welcome, I ideally would like the story I read to link to the activity but am struggling to think of anything exciting! I did think about reading Jack and the beansgtalk and then doing a maths activity where the children can estimate and then measure their heights/lengths of their bodies by drawing around each other on the playground and then measuring using their feet but maybe it would be better to have something inside in case it rains!


Many Thanks in advance

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First of all - good luck full stop!


What about soemthing like:

xD Retelling a story like goldilocks and the three bears and then asking the children to think about how they could stop Goldilocks entering the house next time or how she could be taught to make her own porridge (could use a flip camera to record this or photos)

:( Telling the story of Humpty Dumpty and how his friends and family should be warned that they should not sit on the wall or ask the children to create a wall that would be safe for him to sit on so that if he fell off he could land sofely and safely.

:o the tiger who came to tea - what food would a tiger eat? Could they make some? How would they let the tiger know that he could go for tea again?


just a couple of ideas which may in turn spark a few more, was just saying to someone today it is often someone else's original idea that sparks an idea in me of something that I think of that I think is really exciting!

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Thanks! Its so much easier to think of ideas for other people isn't it! My mind has just gone blank! Thanks for your suggestions x

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