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After having such an overwhelming amount of support on a different issue I feel a bit cheeky asking for more advice....


having moved into reception this year for the first time with a job share in the same situation (never having worked together before) we have been blessed with a terrific TA. The sort that has done things before you ask and that has ideas and motivation way beyond her job description. She has transformed a drab classroom that has suffered years of neglect into something rather great! On top of that I like her and we have fun (despite some challenging behavior in our classroom). She is the continuity between my job share and I and we all make a really great team....


fabulously she has found out she is pregnant! sadly my head thinks she should move her to another area for 'continuity' in our class - i guess to a more floating role.


I want to make a case to my head to keep her where she is (until maternity leave kicks in in April), and I want it to be professional, not emotional(i could sob on her but i dont think it will help) - any suggestions as to what I can say? Realise you don't know her but suggestions that might be plausible....would be really welcome...


my thoughts so far.....


we have some very challenging behavior to deal with from three boys in the class, one exceptionally so. I feel she understands the problems here and knows the parents. I don't want someone to come in and have to start a fresh with these children - that must be disturbing for them in this early stage.


Parents already know key workers


help I don't want her to be taken!!!

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Is the move because of a risk assessment though that the challenging behaviour poses a risk to her and her unborn baby?


Can you be certain that she does not lift or carry things that she should not etc.


Small chairs could be difficult as she getts bigger and maybe she also can not support you as she should/could because of this?


Maybe a move now is better for the children than someone else coming in so much later?


Can you manage without her if she has to take time off for appointments or if she need a longer period of time off due to her pregnancy?



Although these may seem to be negative considerations from your point of view, they may help you with your argument but the one thing you have not mentioned is what is the TAs point of view? Maybe you need to approach your HT together?

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