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Fruit kebabs


Banana split


Fruit with yoghurt

Make own healthy pizza

cooking apples re in abundance at the mo, core them, add raisins through the centre and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake for 30mins the smells delicious, serve with yoghurt

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Some of the things we have in Nursery:


Wrap with Humous, cucumber and ham

Crumpets with cheese

Muffin pizza - they make these themselves really simple


I'll keep thinking

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involve children in choosing snack as well, thay could do menu under adult supervision for follow week. provide them with list to choose from.



bread sticks with spred cheese


frubs.yogurts, smooties




baby carrots with apples


carrot, cucamber, tomato


make your own sandwiche


crackers with cheese


fruit kebabs (peel fruit when children present to teach them how fruits look before prepering them)


Good luck

x x x

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