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I am sure/hopeful that we are not the only setting struggling with this so I thougth I would try and pick all your wonderful brains!!


We have a nominated EYPS who is working towards her degree and will go on to do the EYPS and is our Graduate Leader. As I understand it, her role is to develop practice across all areas of the EYFS.


I am struggling what to "give" her to do as I feel she should be able to go into the setting and see what needs doing.


How is everyone else finding working with a Graduate Leader? What kind of things are they doing? What specific responsibilities do they have?


Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if this will be helpful or not but I am currently undertaking my degree with a view to EYP after Christmas.


My role is quite complex, but I manage the private nursery and afterschool club from 11.30am when maintained nursery finishes.


My boss is the Head of the school.


So, currently I am receiving graduate leader fund money to be in college and to also gain experience of 0 -3 age range which our nursery does not provide.


My role involves leading practice already and so your nominated person needs to be perhaps in a role where she would feel that this is part of her job, and that this training is brushing up her knowledge/ skills and to give her the confidence to know what is and isn't good practice and to then pass this on to staff.


Maybe if you feel there are areas that need to be changed you could point your person in that direction and ask her opinion/ thoughts?


I think the degree has been great for my own development but my work role has supported the changes in me too.


As I said, not sure if this helps really!

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This can be a tricky one, can't it? :o I agree with you that she should really be able to observe and evaluate the provision, and therefore make suggestions to improving elements. On the other hand, she may not be at that level yet (how long has she been studying for her degree, and how far away from EYPS is she?). Maybe you could make sure she has a copy of the last Ofsted inspection, SEF, and any other QA schemes you are involved in. That would fill her in on some of the background, and give her a starting point. Are you familiar with ECERS? If so, she could maybe look at that to help with reflecting on the provision.

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Thank you for your replies!


I was beginning to think I was expecting too much of her but you have set my mind at rest on that score!


I know I sound like I'm on a rant - sorry! But my problem is she's getting paid alot of money and we are not really seeing much for it.


I think it is just boiling down to the fact that she either doesn't understand her role (despite numerous conversations!!) or she is just looking for an easy ride.


Thank you for your replies - at least my undertsanding what the role involves seem right at least. I think we may need "a talk"!


Many thanks again!

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