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When And How Do I Tell The Children?


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Hello lovely people,


I can't believe how quickly the time has gone since I posted my original I'm pregnant thread! I'm starting my Maternity leave next Friday but haven't yet told the Nursery children (although signs have been up informing the parents). Unfortunately there has been a 'hiccup' in getting a replacement for me - as yet one doesn't exist and I had intended to wait until "person x" was employed and then I could say to the children that I was going to be at home looking after my new baby but "person x" would be at Nursery every day etc. However, there is now a real (and frankly terrifying) possibility that I won't know who is taking over from me in order to explain it to the children! The children all know I'm having a baby and I want to prepare them positively for the experience of someone taking over from me till July...just not sure when to do it - or what to say (I'm blaming my pregnant brain!) Do I tell them tomorrow that next week is my last week....I think they'll get confused and think I'm off tomorrow or do I tell them at the beginning of the week ...or wait till the end of next week (with a hope that they can meet my replacement - but that's by no means certain!) And what exactly do you say to 3 year olds?


From a personal point of view I can't wait to start my maternity leave! I'm absolutely shattered and finding Nursery a real struggle with my enormous bump! Is amazing that I've only got just over 6 weeks to go till my due date!



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Guest jenpercy

Don't worry about introducing your replacement. start preparing them now that you will need to get stuff ready for the baby, and that when the baby is born you will need to have time to - then ask them what you have to do for babies

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