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can anyone help me with this one please when you are cross ref with dku's do you have to copy dku work and put it in right place for example if i was doing c5.1 and i wantwd cross ref with dku2. Do i copy dku2 and put it in c5.1. Im not very good at explaning myself so i hope someone understands what im getting at.

Also i am a little confused i did nvq 2 and was told observations could be cross ref with nvq3. I thought the observer should of wrote cross ref down on observation if she thought it good anoth. However i have started level3 my new observer as been told that all my nvq2 observations can account towards level 3 but i am now having to look at observations from my nvq 2 and do the cross ref with my level 3. This is coursing me a lot of time and effert. This is all very confusing, i hope all of you have had a great easter any way.

Very confused but nothing new there

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Hi nerak!


When I speak of cross-referring, I usually mean that the candidate gives Unit cross-referenced page number and then annotates the cross reference with the Unit/element/pc number in the margin to show the Unit being referred to. Does that make sense?? I usually ask for the cross-referenced work or photocopy to accompany written work to which it is cross-referenced for my checking purposes.


If you're really snarled up, please don't hesitate to pm!!


NVQ2/3 cross referring is good! Just,usually this is the responsibility of the Candidate, not the Assessor. Sorry!!


Hope I've helped a bit. Don't forget to shout if you need any more help!


Sue :D

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