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I am currently doing my level 3 forest school practitioner award and have just done a quick search on Forest Schools.

There are obviously lots of people who are Forest School Leaders or who attend Forest School sessions with their group so was just wondering if there was cause to add a Forest School forum to the list? People seem to have posted their Forest School queries in a variety of forums.

Also wondered if anyone has a sample of a leaflet they give to parents introducing/explaining about their forest school sessions.



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HI Sunshine

I think it's a great idea to have a forest school/outdoor forum. We have a small 'woodland' and have been working with parents to develop the space over the past 18 months. So much so that one parent has enrolled herself onto the forest school training and will be delivering some sessions to us as part of her course. We don't have a leaflet as such but at every induction meeting for the new intakes both in reception and nursery we show the parents a short presentation of our ethos to the outdoors and what it means to be a child in our setting learning in the outdoor environment. The parents then get to go outside themselves and see what all the fuss is about. It has worked wonders and parents starting in September are fully aware of our approach and therefore understand what they are 'buying' into from the word go.

yeh lets have a forest school/outdoor forum. I bet people have got some great photos of their spaces to inspire us all especially those who have done marvellous things with their 'concrete jungles!'

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A forest school forum would interest me greatly also. It would help 'spread the word' about the ethos as well as supporting practitioners.


I began level 3 forest school training with Archimedes back in September 2009 with a fantastic week in the lake district, which totally inspired me. However, I also had the opportunity of beginning a foundation degree in September 2009 and felt I couldn't miss the chance to raise my qualifcation level, so also began that journey... I soon realised that I wasn't able to give my best efforts to both, so I've put my forest school to one side for now until I complete the second year of my foundation degree. For forest school qualification, I still need to complete a portfolio, spend time within a setting which runs a forest school and spend a week being assessed somewhere.


I'd be interested to know who you are training with nsunshine, and how far in 'the journey' are you ?

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Hi Nsunshine


I too would be interested in a Forest School Forum. I work in an outdoor centre delivering Forest School to pre-school and primary schools. We are hoping to deliver training next year. We don't have a parent leaflet but give a powerpoint presentation to parents before the sessions start. I have seen Norfolk County Council Website have something aimed at parents so if you contact them they may give you premission to do something similar. All the best.

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Dear all


I have now moved this to our new 'Forest Schools/Outdoor Provision' forum area that can be found in the For discussion of non-setting based issues - Mix, mingle and chat! Subforums


I will move some other topics over to this area in due course so that the conversations are together.


Best wishes




FSF Admin team

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