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Back again SALLYW I have to compile a work sheet on the characteristics that make children vunerable to abuse (predisposing factors) relating to The childs family and the child. I am finding it difficult to find examples on a child who is demanding in attention and who may invite abuse as a form of attention seeking Has anybody got any ideas what this can be. Any ideas would be welcome. Many thanks SALLYW

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Hi sallyw,


I've read and reread your post, I'm not sure if I'm on the right wavelength I remember reading (many moons ago) about "attachment" theories and that one indication of lack of attachment has shown through children being very open to "new" people in their life. I've seen this with children in my setting (more often with children from the "care" sector, who may have had difficulties in their early life) for example if a visitor comes to the setting, some children are very forward to make contact with them, "Hello, my name is...." and they tend to vie for the "new" persons attention. (Whereas at the opposite end of the scale some children will stand back and "look on" assessing what this new person means in terms of how they will effect the status quo of normal preschool life). This interaction is of course quite safe in the security of the setting, but in the wider world such forwardness of a child could prove to be unsafe.


I worried about part of the paragraph which states: "...a child.........who may invite abuse as a form of attention" This, to me appears to put the responsibility on the child and not the perpetrator, the classic, "He/she asked for it..." excuse.

Maybe I'm being a bit sensitive and pedantic with words but just thought I'd share how it read to me.


Do you have access to your local child protection procedures, these are quite comprehensive documents which may cover this area of enquiry.



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