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Hi everyone,


I am having a few issues with thinking about my research for my dissertation have been going around in circles for the last week or so and can not make up my mind!!!


I am thinking about transition to year 1 as I have moved up with our year one pupils and have followed the transition so far with them and it is an area that i am interested in developing.


I feel we are very lucky this year to have a huge outdoor space outside our mobile classroom that pupils are able to have daily access to be this some free choosing or group working out here.


At present it is only a grass area, a canopy is arriving soon and I plan to develop it more as part of my study with more natural resources and planters etc.


My theory is to base my research around having this outdoor area and ways in which this my have helped ease the transition process as the outdoor area was such a big part of the FS and of course this is one of Ofsteds recomendations.


I guess I am just struggling with the ways in which I can prove this!!!!! I did think I could compare a few settings and how and if they have an outdoor area and how much and if this has been used.

Questionnaires to teachers and parents as well.


I have done an little sheet for the pupils to draw a picture of how they are feeling about moving into year one which have mostly come back positive.


This site so far as been fantastic and I have managed to find lots of literature on transition and some on outdoor play.


I think I just need some reassurance from others that I'm heading in the right direction or any other tips or pointers on this area would be greatfully recieved as my brain has turned to mush over the summer!!!!!


Thanks everyone

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I too am wondering how to research this area for my Indepenent Study module. Although I was looking more at the outdoor classroom than transition. My other research idea was to look at transition to year 1.


Hope we both get some insparation to do some research in this area, good luck.



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