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I have a little boy in my Reception class who has been recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I have had a look at some information on the internet and have found out it can affect behaviour.

The little boy is constantly throwing things across room, running out of classroom and is generally wearing myself and the teaching assistant out. We have given stickers for good behaviour and are overally praising good behaviour of other children. We have this week tried to take Reception class onto main playground but are worried about this child running off onto field. Myself and the teaching assistants have taken it in turns this week to watch him during playtimes and lunchtimes, but as none of us have had a proper break since we started the term we are all very tired. We are worried that as we go into the third week and children are left to play at lunch times under the supervision of the lunch time staff that he may run off without them noticing. Have spoken to senior management team, Senco etc who have said they will help and see how he gets on but no help so far.


Can anyone help?

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Hi, I don't know if this helps or not, but we had a little boy with muscular dystrophy, his behaviour was not affected by the condition other than other some relatives used to really spoil him! Statemented due to his physical needs.


However, taught a little boy with autism who needed all day supervision and school brought in a lunch time supervisor just for him and he used to wear a yellow visi jacket so could be spotted quickly.


Meet at least weekly with your SENCO and keep a behavioural log. Keep nagging and shouting for help, you may find nothing happens til April's budget, but at least by then everyone will be aware of your need.


How well does the child understand his condition and what the adults at home, doctors etc are talking about?


There are a lot of issues here. We had someone come in and talk about the illness with all staff and again with his class mates when in year 2 as condition deteriorated. You will need support as time goes on especially with PE and when in physical play as he possibly doesn't understand his own boundaries.


Thinking of you. x

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