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My little outdoor area is looking tired, worn and a bit sad. It is quite small and surrounded by the four walls of the school so cannot be enlarged! It has a playhouse which we use for role play, some storage boxes around the outside, a small square of grass (sometimes green!), a climbing frame right in the middle with a painted track around it which we use for a bike path. We have plenty of windows all around the outside and plain boring painted above that. Then we have the usual caterpillar tunnel, sand and water trays, two basketball hoops and a big chalk board

My question is, how to make it more attractive and appealing?

We have painted on the windows in the past but have to cover it with sticky back plastic which doesnt come off very well at all! and if i paint on the inside, other chn will scratch the paint off - once they realise they can!

Is there something else I can do to make the walls/storage boxes/windows more interesting? and what else am I missing?

Please tell me about your outdoor area and add some pictures if you have any!

I hope I am being clearer about what Im asking than I feel I am!!



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