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Hi this is my first time on here, hope I do it right! =)


I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on devloping the bike area outdoor to provide more challenges for the children.


Than you x x

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Just a few ideas off the top of my head. Haven't tried all of them yet!


Number plates - reading numbers and letters and making own number plates - mark-making

Parking them in numbered bays after race - ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd etc

Self regulation and turn-taking - using sand-timers

Role-play - lollipop men/ladies

Chn to mark their own race tracks

Waiting list - chn to write names on board

Car wash - role-play

Chn to place cones down and different obstacles for children to drive through/around

Following instructions to get to different parts of the playground - first go to the shop, then to the sand pit and finally to the shed


Also, the Rabo taxis, chariots and side-carts etc for 2 chn are great for collaborative working.


Fluffy Lamb

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Firstly welcome to the forum MrsDonald :o


Secondly I don't think I can add anything further as flufflylambs ideas are brilliant !!!!!


Only one thing I thought of....dressing up for bikes.....what I mean is adding things with sting or sticky tape to make them something different....metallic stuff to make them space rockets or paint big yoghurt pots to make sirens for police motorbikes etc......just an idea, a bit mad but might work xD

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