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We have survived week 1 hoorah but without your help I'm not so sure about week 2!


Our story is we have 2 reception classes (38 children 2 teachers + 2EYAs) and LEA Nursery (1 teacher + 2 EYAs) in the same learning space-indoor and out for 3 years and it has worked well-reception staff observed,planned etc for the children in reception nursery staff did likewise.


However the private pre-school provision closed in the summer so we registered with OFSTED and now we have a 8 to 12 2 year olds accessing a variety of our am, lunchtimes and pm sessions along with our full time Reception children and our nursery children

We are in a large space with areas that are tricky to see from other parts of the space and we free flow both in and out- our youngest children seem fearless and access everywhere!


Therefore we are experiencing what my head refers to as 'norm, storm, form'!

Suddenly it feels there is no norm and we are in storm. I am keen to try an integrated day and am in the mindset of 'stages and not ages' but I could do with the wealth of experience out there...


Does anyone else share this experience and have any idea how I can 'form' and return to a little norm...


(in total but not all at the same time we have 95 children 2-4+ registered!)

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