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This is my first post, but I have read many a helpful post and I feel confident someone will be able to help my situation.


It has been our first week as a Foundation Stage Unit (LEA title not mine) our setting now takes children from 2 upwards, ( including Reception children). We are all in one very big indoor/outdoor space, which has many corners and parts that can be awkward to see from another spot.


So now I am wondering just how we are going to observe the children. We have ample EY assistants (our version of Key People). In the past, before the 2's joined us, 1 grown-up would focus on 5 children a week, chat through their learning on a Friday and fill in their learning journal with the children, however as we now have grown-ups in key places rather than with key children I'm struggling to see a way forward.


In a nutshell am I looking at this the wrong way round?

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In the nursery my own children went to many years ago, and before EYFS/ FS/ learning journeys or profiles, they had developed a system whereby 2 children each week from each group of which I think there were 6 were the "apple" monitors and they wore an apple shaped badge during the session. Their special job was to give out the fruit to their group and it seemed to be something that was very much looked forward to! During the sessions when these children visited any activity that was adult led, they were tracked and observed by the staff. I think there was some sort of tracking by their group leader/ key person when they were interacting in other areas without areas too. At the end of the week, all observations etc would be passed to the key person to collate and they would write a report which was fed back to the parent in the following week.


Im sure you could adapt and adopt something like this?

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