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nothing radical. But wanted to share that I love my class birthday display! (how sad!) It is lots of hot air balloons.

this year the children decorated a shape for their balloon - with all sorts! then they have cut it out, attached string, helped to type their name, month and date onto the basket, and lastly today have glued on their own photograph. So they all look like they are floating in their ballon.


They are so sweet and the children have spent a long time today looking at them and discussing them with their friends, lots of talk about my birthday is in.....mine is after/before yours etc. (which is the whole point isnt it!?!)


After what feels like a long week so far! I just had to share.




Lucie xx

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wonderful idea, it makes all the hard work worthwhile when you have moments like that.


Thankyou for sharing, we have had some changes at work and most of us are out of our comfort zone at the moment. I have a whole nursery class in in one intake, never worked with just three's before! I started teaching thinking KS2 was the place to be. so it is lovely to think of your excited little ones and imagine mine will get there, eventually, even if they're next door when they do...

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