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really struggling with this have been for hours haha 1. Provide information for children, families and communities that promotes participation and equality of


2. Implement transparent procedures and information about access to provision to meet the needs of all


3. Welcome children from all backgrounds, ensuring barriers to participation are identified and removed

4. Seek and respect the views and preferences of children, adapting your practice to the child's age,

needs and abilities

5. Involve all relevant local community groups in the setting or service and provide information on local

community resources

6. Find appropriate ways to provide information about equality of access to children and families who

have found services hard to access

7. Provide information to children about their rights and responsibilities in the context of your setting


any help would be really appreciated please :) xx

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H Kerrylou,

Well, this is all about providing a welcoming, inclusive environment, isn't it? xD So you need to think about what materials you provide to advertise your setting to families, for example "An introduction to our nursery" type booklets, where you will no doubt say that you welcome everyone and will do your best to provide for the needs of each child, etc.


Then start to look at:

* how you identify barriers to learning, and what you do about that

*how you encourage children to voice their opinions and how you value those opinions

* what you do that makes you part of the community

* how you attempt to reach hard-to-reach families who might not access your facilities. Why is this, do you think?


Hope this gives you a start. :o

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