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Whole Class Teaching In Reception- Help!


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I am the foundtion co -ordinator at a two form primary school and i'm based in Nursery. In our reception classes we have a 20 minute free flow first thing in the morning to settle children from 9 to 9. 20 then a whole class introduction of the learning for 15 minutes then it is back to adult/child led activities/ observations.

Can I ask what does everyone else do ? we are preparing for an iminent ofsted so all help grateful

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Hi I am FS Coordinator and reception teacher. Our timetable looks like this at minute;

8.55 self register, choosing inside provision

9.15 outdoor area opened, choosing in and out, focus activity started

10.15 key group snack time/informal chat

10.30 choosing in and out, focus activity

11.00 tidy up time

11.20 letters and sounds groups

11.40 preparation for lunch - handwashing, story time

12.00 lunch

1.15 whole class session - maths focus

1.30 choosing in and out, focus activity

2.30 tidy up time

2.50 whole class session - literacy focus / 5 min review of day / story

3.15 home


This is how we are currently working it - I feel that having whole class sessions in the morning disrupts child initiated play too much as we have key group snack and letters and sounds (eventually) sessions in the morning anyway.

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WE have changed our timetable again (can't tell you how many different versions we've had in the past couple of years) after some input from an early years consultant. Haven't tried it out yet as still settling children in but thought you might get an idea of what we are hoping to do. Just to give a bit of context we have 45 children and lucky to have four adults. Children have continuous snack time and during their 'protected play' time small groups do a directed activity with one adult, another will set up a focussed activity, one will observe and the other 'float'. Hope this makes sense and the attachment works!


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