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hello again all...


hope every1s had a relaxing summer!! nearly that time again!


im looking at all my planning and proformas etc ready for sept and had a quick ques about risk assessments.. do people have them for general use of the environment indoors and outdoors? a school i recently visited used theirs daily and did sort of like a sweep in the morning and signed it off every day.. does anyone else do this?


if anyone has a copy of risk assessment for indoor or outdoors or both i could have a look at just to get an idea of how to lay in out and which things need to go in and which dont that would be brilliant!?!


many thanks once more! x

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I would look at your main assessment and list all the things you have indicated need checking regulalry and then do a table so that a staff member can inital each box each day. Make teh boxes big enough to record problems.


Outdoors might be - gate locked/ shut/ unlocked to provide fire exit, no animal poo, equipment in good repair, path not too slippery, no fag butts etc


indoors - chairs around tables, carpet edge not curled up, room tidy etc, plug socket covers in

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