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How Many People Run Adult Focus Activities At Separate Times To Ci?

Guest heleng

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Guest heleng

So, does anyone have a timetable or example they could share with me that shows how it is possible to run CI time with adults observing and interacting with the children at a separate time to adult focus/ led activities going on.

At times it is just me in Reception, also complicated by the fact that I share my class space with our school Nursery.


I am finding this idea quite hard to get my head around, as I have said at times there is only me with Reception.

I'm thinking children come in and start on the shared activites there are out, then we get ready for assembly/ register etc. Then have whole class input, sometimes small groups go with my TA (depending on when I have a TA) followed by 1 gp continuing with me on an adult led activity while the other adult supports the rest of Reception with CI activities along with nursery and the nursery staff (2) including outside play.


So CI from approx 9.45am after assembly/ input/ wake and shake etc.

Tidy up at 10.45am (this is restricted by rest of school having to use our playground as a route to the main playground). Recall/ recap, then phonics or playtime until 11am.


11-12.05pm Whole class input followed by 1 gp with me and other gps with any available adults. Rest of chn completing CI work with challenges.


1.05pm Register followed by whole class input.

1.30pm 1 gp remains with me while rest of class have CI along with nursery and the nursery staff (2) including outside play.

2.30pm Tidy up/ playtime.

2.45pm Story/ singing etc

3.15pm Home time


After I have worked with a gp on an adult led activity then I will have target chn to observe and work with whilst engaging in CI activities.


Does that sound workable as a first draft?

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