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Starting School Ideas?


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Hello :o


As the new school year is fast approaching I was just wondering if anyone has any really nice things that they do with their children in the first few weeks in Reception.


This is a really special time as children start school and I wondered if anyone has any nice ideas/activities that they usually do, that work well? Go down well with parents etc?


Any suggestions much appreciated.


Thank You!!

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Guest LornaW



Well I am no longer in school but when I was, during our home visits we would find out what children were interested in and then make sure we had these resources available in the first few days especially. Then the first two to three weeks were about finding out what the children nejoyed doing so lots of freeflow, indoors and outdoors on offer, and playing with the children. Each day we would then add resources or opportunities as the children began to settle and build on their interests. We also involved parents at the beginning and end of the day so the children could show them where they had been playing and let them see models, drawing etc. I think it is a really exciting time but for some children school is like being in a sweet shop where there is so much on offer it takes time for them to see what it is they really enjoy doing.


Doesn't sound to inspiring reading back but I do think we need to give them time to become familiar with their environment.



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