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I don't know if this has been posted before, had a look but anyway...


I don't know about you but cheshire county council have blocked sparklebox at school and its such a pain to remember to downlead stuff at home onto my pen to excess and print at work so i went on a hunt for other resources websites i could acess.


as i was searching the web for classrrom resources, signs, labels ect i found these websites that i thought i would share will you all as they contain some useful altenratives and i was qite excited sad i know but anything to make life easier is a bonus!




(above too, some areas are still being developed)

www.earlylearninghq.org.uk (this website has some really nice classroom area signs)



Emma :o

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Somewhere on this forum is a thread which explains why many of us won't use sparklebox anymore - don't know if someone clever knows where it is! But it is surprising how many people do not understand what went on - I'm shocked how few LAs actually explained it to anyone..but all the sites listed are good alternatives.


oh-oh I'm clever here's the thread.... http://www.foundation-stage.info/forums/in...c=22828&hl=

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Our LEA sent out a letter to all settings, explaining the reasons why they were blocking it. I didn't access it through the LEA anyway, though I often accessed it at home.However I'm not using it any longer and I got rid of the resources i had accessed in the past...........some might say that was daft as i'd already downloaded, printed and in some case, laminated them, all at quite a cost, but I would have felt just plain wrong using them once the situation became clear.


So, I'm always grateful for alternative sites!

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Yes i do know why i can't excess it, thats why i went looking for some alternative sites as the resources where useful.



sorry I asked because you said it was a pain to remember to download at home so thought as you were still accessing the site you must not have known as it is surprising how many people don't. Of course it is your right to continue to use the site my apologies

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Sorry emz but are you aware of why it is blocked by your LA?

and that every time you visit the site you are generating an income for the owner?


Do you know if this is still true after his sentencing and imprisonment.

I have been moving files on an old laptop with the sparklebox toolbar left on it and saw it was active again, curious I had a quick look, I couldn't see any news of new management, but there are a lot of companies still advertising on it and many are school / child related.

I don't want to use the site, but wonder about the companies advertising on it.

I have written to google ads but until I get an answer has anyone else heard anything?

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