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Hi, Although we plan using the children's ideas and interests I like to have a backup MT plan for the term. Especially for the first few weeks...

This year I'm trying to link my MTP to children's films, so far I have-


A1 : Ourselves- (Maybe pets or families but can't think of a film)

A2 : Christmas- Santa Claus the Movie

Sp1 : Toys- Toy Story (Link with Superhero's)

Sp2 : Transport / Buildings ????- Cars

Su : Minibeasts- A Bugs life

Su2 : Journeys- Madagascar


I'm tempted to reconsider Spring 2 if anyone can think of other ideas- we usually have a big focus on our local area in this term as the weather improves.

I'm really struggling with Autumn 1 though!

What do you think- is this way of planning to rigid?




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what about 'The Incredibles'? - a bit about superheroes too, but all about how a normal family cna be affected by change plus family values and relationships etc. As long as the 'themes' go off into children's interests then it's not too rigid as starting points!



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